Draeker on Soldier of Fortune Violence

April 21st, 2000 by Crusader

In response to a query from Stefan Dirsch, Loki president Scott Draeker sent out this SITREP on Soldier of Fortune and configurable violence settings:

>Anyone who knows, if the Linux version of SOF will be the Full or
>Low Violence version? Is the Windows version of SOF ever been sold
>in Germany? I wonder why it’s not on the “index” …
>On I can find three different
>versions of SOF:
>- Soldier of Fortune Full Violence SKU (US Only)
>- Soldier of Fortune Low Violence SKU (US Only)
>- Soldier of Fortune Full Violence SKU (UK and Europe, exluding France and
> Germany)

SoF for Linux will be the full version. There is a parental lockoutfeature for those who wish to play the less violent version.

As for Germany, there are several levels of prohibition. I wouldanticipate SoF to go beyond being indexed and be banned. Anyone sellingthe product there would be subject to criminal sanctions.

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