Voodoo 2 Athlon Fix

April 21st, 2000 by Crusader

3dfx’s Joseph Kain sent out this release announcement:

There is a new Glide release for Voodoo2.

This release has the following bug fix:
- Glide2x and Glide3x now work with AMD Athlon processors.

The files Glide_V2-2.53-6.i386.rpm and Glide_V2-2.53-6.i386.glibc2.0.rpmare now available on the following page:

Please follow the instructions on the above page to intall this package.

If you experience any difficulty installing any of these drivers pleasedirect your questions to the USENET newsgroup 3dfx.glide.linux.

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  1. jkain Says:

    On the newsgroup I’ve seen that this release also seems to fix other problems as well. Many users were having incompatibilities with other fast processors such as PIII’s and overclocked Celerons. This release seems to fix those problems as well.

    Joseph Kain

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