April 21st, 2000 by Crusader
  • Looks like the dual Rocket Arena mods for Q3A and UT aren’t far off… as crt updated the Rocket Arena site with an update on Q3A: Rocket Arena’s progress and request artists for the RA3 soundtrack. Furthermore, Brandon Reinhart updated the Rocket Arena: UT site to note that the next iteration of the mod will probably enter testing this weekend for public release at a later date.
  • Epic’s Inoxx updated his site with several screenshots from an upcoming six-level UT map pack that will be released for free shortly (thanks zero).
  • id CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan to announce that details on the Q3A mission pack have been released to Quake3World and PlanetQuake; the pack will contain 12 new maps and 3 new gameplay types, as well as new player models, power-ups, and so forth (personally I’d rather stick with community mods and maps, but hey…).
  • An interview with the legendary mercenary (and advisor for Soldier of Fortune) John Mullins has been posted by FragMag (thanks SoF Operations).
  • Loki has added product pages for Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Soldier of Fortune.

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