Car World 0.215

April 20th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.215 of the 3D driving simulation Car World has been released. This version includes slightly better network support and applies various patches sent in.

Car World source: carworld-0.215.tar.gz

2 Responses to “Car World 0.215”

  1. dgwatson Says:

    All I get when I run it is two black wheels on a bright yellow road, with a bright yellow background.

    I’m running Utah GLX with a Matrox G400 MAX – works great with UT and Q3A, so that’s not the problem.

  2. kipton Says:

    I played w/ the previous version, and after some tweaking, it worked ok. It seems to be one of the better car physics models I’ve seen. It’s more of a demo than a game.

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