MAMECAT 0.41.b5

April 20th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.41.b5 of QT-based XMame launcher MAMECAT has been released. Changes include:

  • added a new tab-dialog for the preview check output
  • moved the preview-checker code from src/qmamecat/qmamecat.cxx to the new src/qmamecat/prvcheck.cxx
  • the new dialog is non-modal and the preview-check process can be interrupted, analysis output gathered up to this point will be available; a “Refresh” button clears the data and restarts the preview checker
  • the progress dialog for the preview checker is ONE instance again, reset in between the two passes
  • the new dialog uses some Qt 2.xx features that are not compatible with Qt 1.4x, so we decided to only support Qt 2.xx from now on
  • changed the docs accordingly
  • successfully tested with xmame-0.37b1.2
  • a small popup message is displayed for 2 seconds now when a game is started
  • changed some accel-keys in the options-dialog (general settings) for uniqueness
  • removed the “Hide” button from the progress dialog for the gamelist refresh and reimplemented the closeEvent() method for this dialog to be able to ignore close events while refreshing the list
For more information, the README is also available.

MAMECAT source: mamecat-0.41.b5.tar.gz

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