Heavy Gear 2 Multiplayer

April 19th, 2000 by Crusader

Also, if you’re looking for Heavy Gear CGI art for your desktop or something, Jose Perez, formerly of Foundation Imaging, has updated his personal site with a Heavy Gear gallery, as the HG TV show contract has been transferred from Foundation to Mainframe.

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  1. bakiller Says:

    I got My HG2 copy the other day and i love it but i cant get my MS Sidewinder to work..(not in HG2 but in linux :)…I have a SB Live and i dl the new drivers which have the modules emu10k1-joy.o and i followed the readme but after loading the emu10k1-joy.o and then loading joystick.o(That all works as far as i can tell) Then i go to load joy-sidewinder.o and it says this, joy-sidewinder.o: init_module: Device or resource busy. How do i fix this? All help Is greatly needed..THANKS A LOT!

  2. AgentGray Says:

    I saw your post on the newsgroup as well. Did you try what B. Gerst mentioned?

    Here’s a quote:

    The SBLive joystick port is a standard gameport, but it is not located
    at the legacy address (0x201). On my box, it is located at 0xc400. I
    have an patch to the joystick driver which autodetects PCI and PnP

    Patch to joystick-1.2.15:
    Patch to kernel 2.3.99-preX:

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