Tribes 2 and OpenAL

April 18th, 2000 by Crusader

Dynamix’s Rick Overman, who is currently developing the multiplayer sci-fi combat game Starsiege: Tribes 2, wrote in to the OpenAL mailing list to request a division of header files, as he is implementing OpenAL support into Tribes 2 (OpenAL mailing list archives are available at news://

For those developers who will be dynamically loading OpenAL DLL’s or sharedlibraries it would be very clean to have function definitions and type/enumdeclarations in separate headers. al.h and altypes.h is a perfectseparation.

I propose that alc.h, alu.h & alut.h have a corresponding alctypes.h,alutypes.h aluttypes.h headers.alc.h would then include alctypes.h, etc, etc. this would be backwardcompatible with the existing codebase.

I am currently integrating OpenAL into Tribes2 (dynamically loading the DLLof course) and the fact that type and function declarations are mixed in theheaders is causing me some anguish.

Unfortunately, the Tribes 2 Linux client is still up in the air, but perhaps the addition of OpenAL support will make releasing the client more feasible for Dynamix/Sierra. Thanks to Nelson Rush for the news.

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  1. bakiller Says:

    Tribes 1 Was such a fun game and i’m really looking forward to Tribes 2!!! I already got rid of windows so if there is no port there is no tribes 2 for me atleast:(…Come on Dynamix give us a port!

  2. RazorJack Says:

    Common people! send your beer to dynamix to encourage the Linux Port. Perhaps Finnish beer?

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