Loki Named Top Influence

April 18th, 2000 by Alkini

Graphics Muse has published an article in which they name Loki and and Sam Latinga one of the The Top 20 Influential People, Products and Companies in the Linux Graphics Marketplace. They cite not only Loki’s leadership in the game porting market, but also open source contributions from Sam and the gang like SDL and SMPEG.

(Note from Crusader): Several other important individuals, companies, and projects were also mentioned, including Dirk Hondel, ATI, 3dfx, NVIDIA, Daryll Strauss, and Mesa.

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  1. Andreas Ehliar Says:

    I must say that it is rather strange that they included nvidia considering the fact that nvidia haven’t released any good drivers as yet…
    No mention of Precision Insight either…
    And I thought Daryll Strauss worked for PI…
    Personally I’m rather skeptical to XI graphics as well. They seem to enjoy putting similar products in a bad light. Calling Mesa a freeware knockoff of libGL for example. They have also attacked XFree86 in their commercials from time to time. Oh well.

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