Theocracy Retail Linux Client / Demo

April 4th, 2000 by Crusader

Dudley Brooke sent in the surprising news that Ubisoft’s RTS game Theocracy includes Linux binaries on the retail CD. Theocracy focuses on various ancient Aztec factions as they combat one another and, eventually, the Spanish conquistadors. Furthermore, the Hungarian developers, Philos Laboratories, have made a demo available; a few screenshots are listed below:

Theocracy Demo Download:

9 Responses to “Theocracy Retail Linux Client / Demo”

  1. Akai Says:

    It coredumps on me. The game looks very interesting. not documentation was found in the tar, so any info is welcome.

  2. Crusader Says:

    I had to make sure the included libs were being referenced by the binary before it would work, as they appear to be custom… let me know if that doesn’t help.

  3. dgwatson Says:

    I ran it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the directory where I untarred it – it doesn’t core dump, but complains about logo.mpg, intro.mpg, and a few others – and then says it can’t open the screen.

    Is there some magic I have to do to get it to work? It seems like it should – but it doesn’t.

  4. Kaji Says:

    Okay, how to get this work:
    First, the libraries that come with it must be accessible by the game. Either copy them into one of the paths it looks in (/lib/mmx is one of them) or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as mentioned before.
    Second, you seem to have to be running X in 16 bitplanes (“startx — -bpp 16″ on SuSE distributions). Maybe other configurations work, too, but 16 bpp was the only one I tried. Otherwise you get the message that the display cannot be opened.
    Third, as always if you want to paint to the X root window, the game must either be started as root or must be setuid root, and you must have fullscreen set to “true” in the game’s config file.

    I did not manage however to have it switch the resolution in the proper way when running in fullscreen. It renders to the X root, but stays in a much larger resolution. Also the KDE menues do still work when I touch the screen borders… Very disappointing. Any hints on this?


  5. robbancs Says:

    Sorry but fullscreen mode is not supported in linux version. By switching on trap mouse option and setting the resolution manually you can reach a fullscreen mode.

  6. Nanoc Says:

    I followed the steps mentioned in the other note and, as root, the beginning screen pops up and then it dumps core. The last message is something like, can’t grab mouse pointer. Does anyone know what the hardware and software requirements are for this?

  7. jerbell Says:

    Where can we buy it?
    (a tutorial of sort for the Demo would be nice too)

  8. jerbell Says:

    How do I create troops and How do I transfer them
    from one territory to another?

  9. johnzero Says:

    It’s a pretty good game once you get the hang of it… The documentation and on-line help of the full version is enough, and useful.
    The demo is a lot lamer than the full version.

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