Tux Games and WINE Followup

February 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Michael Simms of Tux Games sent in the following update with the results of their WINE retail game survey:

Tux Games would like to thank all of you who sent us your views on Tux Games selling win32 games bundled with versions of WINE or other emulators to allow them to work on Linux.The community response was a resounding NO. Over 90% of the responses urged us not to follow this path, for fear of damaging the prospects of Loki and other Linux games companies.Tux Games agrees wholeheartedly with your opinions, and intends to follow the general concensus of the community, and remain purely native Linux.Instead of expanding our product-line to include games that run under emulation, we have decided to branch into areas of Linux gaming that only help to support the cause.We have begun to stock strategy guides for Linux games. Whilst these are the same as the windows versions, we make it quite clear at every purchase that the guides are purchased to sell with Linux versions of the games, and we are ONLY buying the strategy guides that go with the games made for Linux.We will, over the next few months, begin to stock game-related hardware (3D cards, soundcards, joysticks, etc) that have full Linux support from the manufacturer.

These ideas, we feel, will continue to add benefit to the community, whilst allowing Tux Games to expand its product-line and retain its focus on gaming for Linux.

We welcome any further comments from members of the Linux community, and thank you all for participating!

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  1. msimms Says:

    Just to clarify – Tux Games COMPLETELY supports the WINE project, and thank its contributors for their great efforts (we wouldnt have a link to it from our main page if we didnt like it).
    We just felt the need to express this, as we realised it could be taken that Tux Games has a problem with WINE. We dont. We love it (and most of us here use it at home).

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