Reinhart on Zoid Departure, Mods

February 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Brandon Reinhart of Epic Games made a .plan entry today to comment on Zoid’s departure from id, and reflects on how CTF forged the mod community which exists today (which is the subject of further commentary in the article mentioned in his .plan update):

I gotta say “Good Luck Zoid!”

I remember when Quake 2 CTF was first released I stayed up allnight playing it. I had a comp sci test the next day. I was30 minutes late for the test, but was the first one done. A coupleweeks later I decided to drop out of college and dedicate allmy time to working on games.

Zoid has definitely had some very visible achievements in theFirst Person Shooter arena. You can see the influence of hisideas in UT. Four of the Relics in the bonus pack were basedoff of Zoid’s original Runes.

Zoid’s original Quake CTF mod more or less demonstrated that a goodmodification could be of top notch professional quality. GameSpy.comis running “mod author week” this week and the opening paper is by me,about the problems that face mod authors. Give it a read. The modscene has come a long way and has a long way left to go.

So hats off to Zoid and hats off to all the mod authors currentlyout there walking in his footsteps!

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  1. helmholtz Says:

    If I’m not mistaken Zoid was the one responsible for redoing Quake2 to work with Mesa/Glide3x. Does this mean that this work has halted, or will someone else pick it up?

  2. Crusader Says:

    Carmack stated over the weekend that Zoid would be completing the Quake 2 work necessary to implement support for recent Linux 3D drivers.

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