Gareth Hughes Headed to Precision Insight

February 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Gareth Hughes, one of the primary developers working on the Utah-GLX effort, wrote in to the project’s mailing list to announce he will be joining Precision Insight to develop Linux 3D support full time:

I have some news, and it`s about time I shared it :)

I`ve resigned from Bell Labs Australia to take up a position a PrecisionInsight Inc. starting sometime in March. I will be relocating to the Statesas soon as the appropriate visas are acquired, and will be working fromAustralia until then.

My new email address is, so please direct allpersonal email to that address.

I`m looking forward to working with everyone at PI, as well as continuing mywork on Mesa and the Utah-GLX drivers. It will be great to be working onthis full time – during the day _and_ all night :)

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