John Carmack Comments on Zoid Departure

February 27th, 2000 by Crusader

id Software’s John Carmack posted a clarificationon Slashdot yesterday concerningDavid “Zoid” Kirsch’s departure; of note is Carmack’s statement that Loki(as well as Carmack himself) will be responsible for maintaining the Q3A Linux port:

I had talked with Zoid about it a few times over the years, and I think he is making a pretty good decision.

It wasn’t always clear from the outside, but Zoid was a remote contractor, not an employee. It was a low key relationship that worked out well for all of us. He stayed in canada and basically worked on whatever he liked, because I thought he had pretty good judgement. He had responsibility for the linux ports and the CTF code, but much of his time was his to allocate as he wanted.

With Loki now picking up the maintenance of the linux port (as well as my steadily increasing involvement with linux), and a new game design starting at Id, his choice was basically to either go develop a brand new Q3 mod by himself, or go work for one of the many gaming companies that had been trying to hire him.

We weren’t interested in bringin on another core programmer at id, especially another one with immigration hassles (we have had enough issues with that for a small company). We would have been happy to continue the current arrangement indefinately, but he wanted to get out of the holding pattern.

Another thing he mentioned that I am sympathetic to is the desire to get a bit out of the community limelight. Being a public figure of some note isn’t always all it is cracked up to be.

We are parting on the best of terms (leaving right AFTER a project completes is the considerate way to go). He is going to finish up the Quake2 linux updates (better X/GLX support), even if he has to complete the work from his new job.

John Carmack

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