UT Bonus Pack Released

February 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Epic Games’ Brandon Reinhart fired off a .plan updateto note that the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack has been released; the README is availablehere. As the released package is a Windows zip file, Myron Da’Chumphas assembled a tarball containing the Bonus Pack, along with an unrealtournament.ini which contains the lines that must be placed in your localunrealtournament.ini to enable the new skins and relics (thanks to zero of Unrealismfor the heads up).

Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack Linux Package:
3D Downloads Mirror

Moreover, Alan Willard posted information on a bonus pack map easter egg in his .plan yesterday:

FINALLY! Its out, after a long testing process :) The Bonus Pack is out, andcan be found at your favorite news site by now I hope. Just a bit of a secretgot shipped with this… If you rename DM-Cybrosis][ to DOM-Cybrosis][, the mapwill play as a Domination map, with named control points and the works! Ifigured if I slipped the Control Points in like this, it would save a littlebit on the download size, so go forth and enjoy.

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  1. droo Says:

    Well I got everything from the tarball and everything’s working except when I try to play with relics. So far I’ve only tried using all of them in a single player practice session on my 402B client. I get a seg fault when I try to start the game. Looks like I’m going to have to tinker around a little before the relics work.

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