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February 26th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Nicholas Vining sent in a follow-up to his previousrequest:
    Cryptic? Cryptic?! … well, I suppose it was a bit cryptic, and reallydidn’t tell you all that much. But then again, it worked for Transmeta ;-)

    Anyways, the web side of Kosmos Online has been taken care of. (My mailboxfloodeth over!) We’re still looking for modellers and skinners with Linuxbackgrounds, if you’re out there. The URL for the web site will be revealedfairly soon. Thanks to everybody who responded.

  • Rory Hart sent in this query for aidwith regard to his sci-fi strategy game project:
    I am a member of a group creating a Stars! clone (much like the newSupernova that is being ported to Linux as we speak). We have lost a lotof our momentum and so I thought it would be good if we could get somenew talent on board. Programmers are badly needed but anyone andeveryone is welcome to help with game design and graphics etc…

    If you are interested please mail me at and check out our web site (soon to be updated)

    UPDATE: Rory Hart wrote in with this correction:

    The request for help I sent in the other day had a bit of misinformationin it. I have been told that only the server for Stars! Supernova isbeing ported not the entire game, information got a little crossedthere, sorry!

    However if we petition them (empire interactive) then they mightconsider doing a full port … or handing over some or all the code ofone of the old versions of Stars!

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  1. msimms Says:

    Well, after a brief email exchange, it looks like only the supernova client is being ported.

    This is somehting that personally drives me mad. A company wants to ‘use’ the Linux community so it can get its servers on reliable machines, whilst not caring if the Linux users can actually PLAY the game. They just expect us to be grateful we can help their game look more stable and allow good multiplayer games to be played by windows users.

    Tell me, where is the incentive of any Linux user to run one of these servers?

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