Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack; v406 Changelog

February 25th, 2000 by Crusader

Game Center has wordfrom Epic Games that theUnreal Tournament bonus pack will be released today as an exclusive premiere at their site (expect mirrors to appear shortly after its released). Furthermore;Unreal Universe has a list of issues that will be fixed in UT version 406 (obviously, Windows-specific items such as D3D fixes don’t apply to the Linux version).

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  1. jvmatthe Says:

    Are we really going to see an update of the Linux version? I’d love to see music and OpenGL added to the current client.


  2. jvmatthe Says:

    I tried using and all it does is try and eat up all my memory. Not good. Any ideas?


  3. droo Says:

    I saw a link at Unrealism for a tarball someone created for a Linux server. I haven’t tried it but that should at least get you the skins, textures, and maps. However, I doubt you would get the relics mutator from this.

    I’m going to wait a day or so and see if someone creates a client tarball. I don’t know if there’s anyway to extract from a .umod file. Did anyone install the one from Digital Extremes?

    P.S.–Sorry I’m a Linux newbie (just installed UT yesterday), so take what I say with a grain of salt. :)

  4. droo Says:

    OK oops, didn’t know about umodunpak (see disclaimer in previous message). I’m scared to try it, but impatience to play the bonus pack may win out. :)

  5. jvmatthe Says:

    I used my big machine (half-gig RAM and got it done). umodunpack isn’t intended for things this big, it seems. We need a better tool.

    I’m going to email Crusader to see if we can put the tarball I made here on LG.


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