Carmack on Vigilante Justice

February 25th, 2000 by Crusader

id’s John Carmack updated his .planyesterday regarding individuals who decided to vandalize the QuakeLives projectleader’s dev system:

Some people took it upon themselves to remotely wreck Slade’s development system. That is no more defensible than breaking into Id and smashing something.

The idea isn’t to punish anyone, it is to have them comply with the license and continue to contribute. QuakeLives has quite a few happy users, and it is in everyone’s best interest to have development continue. It just has to be by the rules.

3 Responses to “Carmack on Vigilante Justice”

  1. ixion Says:

    I wonder if JC has read the IRC logs of what the little piggy formally known as Slade said about him and id software? He’s probably just trying to get sympathy with this – I doubt he could come up with any evidence of his system being hacked.

  2. msimms Says:

    It is a pity when some people spoil it for the rest. Do people really think that cracking a site will make it go away?
    Leave QL alone, they will either begin to comply with the GPL or JC will bring in the bloodsucking lawyers. Either way problem is solved. It doesnt need script kiddies and crackers trying to show that the whole community is down at slades level.

  3. JakusMinimus Says:

    Is Carmack possibly forgetting the /. effect? As soon as I noticed a link to QL on /. (sure I tried to follow it, I’d never actually been to the QL site before…) I found out the site wasn’t responding. This COULD be because of crackers but I think is more likely attributed to thousands of curious (Slashdot/Quak)ers.

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