Z_Free Error Workaround

February 24th, 2000 by Crusader

id Software’s David “Zoid” Kirsch was kind enough to point out a workaround for the “Error: Z_Free: freed a freed pointer” issue that’s cropped up with the recent Quake 3 patches:

<Zoid> CrusadeR: Don’t type or move the mouse during level changes.
<Zoid> I can’t reproduce it. I think it’s a libc issue.

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  1. JakusMinimus Says:

    Please, if you use IRC (I don’t because I dislike it, I prefer to MUD :P) and happen to get into a conversation with Zoid, pass on this bit of info I feel is related to this annoying bug (I ask this because, out of courtesy, I’d rather not email him):

    I think this bug may be a result of the change to the “hit escape during connect/level-load/level-change” handling code. Has anyone noticed that when you hit escape Q3A STILL goes through the motions of loading the level and only after it has finished this will it exit to the main menu? Before the betas, I could hit escape and instantly my cable modem lights would stop blinking and a couple seconds later the game would be back at the main menu regardless of where the load process happened to be at the time. Thanks for your time.

  2. xstatica Says:

    I get this error only when I hit the TAB key. It happens at random. It seems to happen most when I am moving with the ‘E’ key and then hit the tab key with the E key still pressed.

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