SMM++ 4.3

February 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Version 4.3 of the itcl-based MUD client SMM++, or Selim’s Magic Mapper, has been released. Changes:

  • colormanager implemented
  • code tidying
    • TSecondaryWindow removed in favor of iwidgets::Shell
    • TInformer and TConfirmer inherit from iwidgets::Messagedialog
    • new iwidgets
    • some GUI tidying
    • fontmanager redone
  • bugfixes:
    • related to option menus -> see troubleshooting
    • text in rooms can contain newlines now.
    • actions now work on (hopefully) any mud.
    • sleep
    • usual -> itk::usual in TCoordinate
    • iwidgets::Shell destructor (grabstack error)
    • iwidgets::Shell tops option
    • fontmanager
    • #addvarentry

SMM++ 4.3 Source Download:

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