Kosmos Online Recruiting

February 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Nicholas sent in this rather cryptic personnel request:

Kosmos Online, an open source Linux game project that I’m not going to tell youabout right now (you can probably guess from the name that it’s an online RPG),is currently looking for modellers, skinners, and a web site designer/admin,all of whom are comfortable with the Linux operating system. This project hasbeen alive for six months and has survived a motorcycle accident, breastcancer, and massive quantities of homework, but we are loathe to reveal ourefforts because (A) we’re all hardcore programmers and have no real modellingskills, and (B) our web site sucks. It sucks so much I’m not going to tell youwhere to find it. (Besides which, it’s out of date)

Anyways! (koff) ahem.

No money, but this could attract a lot of attention in the near future (hordesof Everquest addicts will migrate!), and I will happily dole out wonderfulletters of reference. Anybody interested, drop an e-mail to

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