John Carmack on QuakeLives GPL Dispute

February 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Although I’ve refrained from mentioning it here before, the QuakeLives project, and Slade in particular, have taken a remarkable hostility to the terms of the GNU General Public License under which their project is supposed to be operating. Thanks in part to the vigilance of QuakeForge and QuakeWorld Forever team members, this was brought to John Carmack’s attention; unfortunately, Slade’s reticence on this issue has finally forced Carmack to address it publically in his .plan:

This is a public statement that is also being sent directly to Slade atQuakeLives regarding

I see both sides of this. Your goals are positive, and I understand the issuesand the difficulties that your project has to work under because of the GPL.I have also seen some GPL zealots acting petty and immature towards you veryearly on (while it is within everyone’s rights to DEMAND code under the GPL, itisn’t necessarily the best attitude to take), which probably colors some of yourviews on the subject.

We discussed several possible legal solutions to the issues.

This isn’t one of them.

While I doubt your “give up your rights” click through would hold up in court,I am positive that you are required to give the source to anyone that asks forit that got a binary from someone else. This doesn’t provide the obscurityneeded for a gaming level of security.

I cut you a lot of slack because I honestly thought you intended to properlyfollow through with the requirements of the GPL, and you were just trying toget something fun out ASAP. It looks like I was wrong.

If you can’t stand to work under the GPL, you should release the code to yourlast binary and give up your project. I would prefer that you continue yourwork, but abide by the GPL.

If necessary, I will pay whatever lawyer the Free Software Foundationreccomends to pursue this.

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