Q3A 1.16j and ATI Rage Pro GLX

February 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Kornel Kiss of wrote in noting he received an e-mail from Gareth Hughes (a developer of the Utah-GLX ATI Rage Pro driver) concerning the latest Quake 3: Arena patch:

Previously, the Linux build of Quake 3 did not include the Rage Pro workarounds such as the special translucent smoke texture and other approximations. Carmack had originally informed me that these weren’t included as there wasn’t a Linux Rage Pro driver at the time. I fired off an email to Zoid yesterday asking if these workarounds could be included in the current point release, and sure enought the 1.16j patch enables these fixes.

So, those of you with all forms of ATI Rage Pro chips (including the laptop chipsets such as the Rage Pro LT and Mobility) can now play Quake 3 under Linux without having to suffer from opaque smoke trails and other visual artifacts. And yes, the Utah-GLX driver will give you timedemo scores that are as good as or better than the current Windows drivers.

Thanks to Carmack, Zoid and Robert Duffy for resolving this problem so quickly.

– Gareth

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