Truce Offer from Hall

February 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Monolith CEO Jason Hall made a .plan update today apologizing for his recent controversial remarks regarding Epic’s licensing system, concluding:

So, I apologize to this company for whatever it is/was that I have done to make them feel the need to proceed in this manner. I certainly did notintend to create such hostility. I feel that I have always kept the discussion to the relevant topics, and I feel that I’ve made valid and provablearguments that potential licensees can be the judge and jury on.

Everyone can rest assured that I will be spending EXTRA time tying to make sure that whatever further information we release is carefullyscreened for any potentially inflammatory comments. I thought we were already doing this, but some companies feel that I am specificallyfocused on them. I’m not.

I will do better in the future to remove any potentially perceived “slams” from my comments, but some companies have got to understand thateverything that comes out of my mouth is not about them. If they can get past that, then there should just be smooth sailing from here.

Again I apologize to them, and more so to the gamers out there. I can certainly see from the outside as to what all this looks like. Our industry ismore grown up than this, so I’m stepping out of this “engine war”. I’m ashamed that people may associate me with all this crazy behavior – andfurther, I know that there is nothing that I can really do to stop the continuation of a company’s slanderous remarks about me personally, but Ihope that they can at least see that I’m not going to participate.

Thank you for your patience.
Oh, BTW – this is a little off topic, but I just love saying it because it’s true: COOL ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON!;)

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