Steam Controller Announced

September 27th, 2013 by TimeDoctor

Steam controller

That there is the third announcement from Valve this week regarding their intentions for the living room. It’s called the Steam Controller and it sports two track pads with haptic feedback and a touch screen that are supposed to enable people to play games that were previously too complicated for a controller like strategy and other cursor driven games.

The Steam Controller has 16 configurable buttons which can be shared through the configuration tool. In this way you’ll be able to load configurations created for any game. When the game developer doesn’t support the controller directly it will pretend to be a mouse and keyboard.

You can try to get your hands on an early prototype version of the controller by following the same process outlined in the Steam Machines announcement from Wednesday. Valve will get into specifics about all of their announcements this week through their Steam Universe community group.

Good luck in getting into the 300 person beta and don’t forget to join the official Steam Group!

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