Steam Machines Announced

September 25th, 2013 by TimeDoctor

Steam machines

Following Monday’s announcement of Steam OS, Valve has announced Steam Machines, their hardware prototype for next year’s SteamOS hardware platform.

The announcement page lists all of the details, but starting today you can attempt to win access to one of 300 prototype Steam Machines that Valve is developing to test out SteamOS in the real world. Valve has offered no details on what that hardware will consist of, simply a list of steps for testers to apply for access:

  1. Join the Steam Universe community group.
  2. Agree to the legalese.
  3. Have 10 friends on Steam. Join the Steam Group!
  4. Make your Steam Community profile public.
  5. Play a game with a gamepad that you’ve launched from Steam’s big picture mode.

You can track your progress through this on the quest page. You’ve got until October 25th to complete every step if you want to win a Steam Machine from Valve itself. Hardware will ship Steam OS in 2014 from other vendors.

We’ve still got one more announcement coming up on Friday according to the countdown site, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date with Valve’s happenings.

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