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July 12th, 2013 by TimeDoctor

IndieCity storefront screenie

Speaking of internet video game download shoppes, IndieCity is coming to Linux soon and the right honorable Liam Dowe of Gaming On Linux has interviewed IndieCity’s Community Manager, Hannah Fordham:

What makes it different to similar services like Steam and Desura?

From the moment we started IndieCity we’ve always been set on having no gatekeepers, so any indie games could get onto IndieCity regardless of whether the staff here happened to enjoy them or not. We want to be a marketplace on which any indie developer with any amount of experience, budget, size of team, etc. can release their projects.

Developers can release their content as “in progress” with no approval system at all, or they can put it through to the store as “complete” by going through our Community Approval Process (CAP). CAP testers just check that the content is packaged correctly, that it runs and is stable during their testing, and that it matches whatever the store page for it says (this is especially important for content descriptors and age ratings so that people are aware of what they are buying).

Read the whole thing.

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