Left 4 Dead 2 Out of Beta with Free Weekend and Sale

July 4th, 2013 by TimeDoctor

Zombies Rejoice!

Our long national nightmare has ended as Valve updated their Left 4 Dead blog with news of co-op Zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2’s general availability for Linux:

The Extended Mutation System, Linux support, and other features and fixes are moving to Left 4 Dead 2 proper. Thanks to everyone who helped test all the changes in the Beta Build. You can find a complete list of the change notes here.

The Linux conversion is ready for primetime so we are opening it up to more people and releasing it officially on Steam. This will let us get feedback on more builds and distros.

The game itself is available at 75% off this weekend ($4.99 ‘merican) , and you can play it for free until Sunday at 1PM Pacific time.

Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam

2 Responses to “Left 4 Dead 2 Out of Beta with Free Weekend and Sale”

  1. rameth Says:

    Do your bit to bring the nastiest invasive DRM to your favorite “you are the master” or “were” platform
    tell your kids sorry you cant play game number 10 of 25 on my account since im currently playing.
    But daaaaad give me the CDROM like we always did, sorry bud no can do valve owns my “—-s” now and my new master must have control.
    Ok ill get of, oh daaaaad goes number three can i then play the new number 25 uhmm, no you cant valve my new overlord hath the arrogance to tell me what i may or may not do with our purchase.

  2. Maquis196 Says:

    Well you have 2 options;

    1. Don’t buy it
    2. Get it on a console and “oh whats that son? sorry, only have 1 dvd so only one of us can play it at once”

    Many non-valve games on steam have a no-drm cousin, so go free and enjoy, unless you only play open source games?

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