Rise of the Heavy Gears (and UE4 Support)

May 28th, 2013 by Crusader

Resurrecting a series not unfamiliar to Linux gamers, Heavy Gear Assault promises both singleplayer and free-to-play multiplayer action for backers.

The developers, Stompy Bot Productions, also had this message in a recent blog update:

As one of the first games being developed with Linux support in mind, utilizing Unreal Engine 4, we plan to back port our work back to Epic for future Linux support. Our team plans to provide recent versions of our source code updates to Epic so the Linux Gaming community can benefit through our efforts. This way our revisions can be used by future developers of UE4 to also support Linux. We hope our Linux backers on Kickstarter will appreciate all the consideration we’ve put into our Linux build.

The post also mentions that they’re looking for Linux testers (resume required), so shoot them a note if you have the background and interest!

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