Left 4 Dead 2 Beta Coming to Steam Next Week

April 25th, 2013 by TimeDoctor


Zombie Tux

The Left 4 Dead Blog has updated with the terrifying image of a zombie Tux you see above and word of an upcoming beta for Left 4 Dead 2:

The L4D2 Beta is mutating. Not content to just be the testing ground for the new Extended Mutation System, we will be adding Linux to the Beta. And not content with the number of testers in the Beta, we will also be opening up the Beta to all L4D2 owners.

Huh, what?

The L4D2 Beta build is a separate download from the main game. This is where we are testing new features to the game – currently we are testing EMS. Starting next week, we will be testing Linux there as well.

For players, not only is the Linux build new, but the Window and Mac versions are also updated, so we need plenty of non-Linux testing as well.

When the Beta expands next week, we will post on how you can help give feedback and participate in the Beta.

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