Monday Catch-Up

April 15th, 2013 by Crusader

Hi hi; here’s a scatter gun spray’s worth of news items:

  • The post-apocalyptic MMO (where’s the post-post-apocalyptic MMO?) Grimlands will be coming to Linux.
  • Obsidian has posted a video update for Project Eternity, their upcoming isometric RPG (think Baldur’s Gate 2):

  • The platformer Shovel Knight is now Linux-bound after a successful Kickstarter round.
  • Cubemen 2, a 3D strategy game, has been released on Steam:

  • The Shadowrun Returns project has updated to note that the Linux version will be made available post-launch, and that all versions will only be released on Steam, which RPS has some thoughts about.
  • This is kind of bananas in that it illustrates how much circumstances have changed over the past 12 months or so: Ubuntu is now an option for the Alienware X51 gaming PC.

I have a few thoughts about some of the trends in the items above (less emphasis on being DRM-free in favor of Steam, the rise of Kickstarter) that I still need to gather into something coherent, but feel free to add your own comments below!

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