Steam Early Access Has Three For Linux

March 21st, 2013 by TimeDoctor

Steam Early Access

Do you like playing incomplete games? Did Minecraft’s pre-release pricing shenanigan’s get your panties in a twirl? Good news! Steam now lets you purchase games before they’re finished. If the developer calls it a Beta or Alpha or The War Z (ha ha ha) they’re available right now via Steam Early Access.

There’s a list of 12 games available through the program right now, three of which are available for Linux:

Work faster code slaves! That list needs to fill out with more Linux games!

2 Responses to “Steam Early Access Has Three For Linux”

  1. liamdawe Says:

    Actually Prison Architect isn’t on Linux yet see here:

  2. TimeDoctor Says:

    Thanks liamdawe, that stinks because it means we’re down to TWO for Linux from this list. Ugh.

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