Linux Expo Report

February 7th, 2000 by Crusader

Matt Matthews has posted the first part of his report from this year’s LinuxWorld Expo, which he attended this past week. The report includes a look at the Linux Gaming Developer Seminar Session (presented by ATI’s David Johnson and Loki’s Scott Draeker), Vicarious Visions’ Terminus booth, and an early look at what Loki has in store for Linux gamers in 2000 and beyond (a RTS game, a racing game, and a revised Linux retail strategy). Matt opens with this impression of gaming at the Expo:

I have to get something out in the open right now, before I go crazy fromholding it in: From what I saw and heard at the Expo, Linux gamers have afantastic year ahead of them! From new games to better 3D video cards tobetter 3D sound cards, members of the hardware and software community showedthat they were beginning to not only understand the power of games on thetechnology market, but also realize the potential that Linux has as a gaming platform. A clear indicator was the number of terminals around the Expo floor running Quake 3 Arena on various hardware configurations; a visitor couldwalk barely 20 feet in any direction without seeing the trademark Q3A gibs orhearing the familiar Q3A weaponry and sound effects. Tell your friends, fellowgamers: The penguin has landed…

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