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February 6th, 2000 by Crusader

Taura from the WolfPack development team sent in the following XShipWars news (note that the Terminus described below is a server for XSW, and not Vicarious Visions’ upcoming space combat sim):

Terminus, is pushing SWServ to the limits (and proving SWServ’sstability is etched in stone). Terminus is fast becoming one ofthe hottest universes out there, with a continuous campaign and numerousfactions involved. Terminus can be reached at xsw.terminator.netport 1701. Latest XSW client recommended, 1.33a. Also check outTerminus’ web page at for signup info!

XShipWars taking on graphics acceleration! During the portingprocess, we’ve determined to best set our OpenGL intigration sooner.This means XShipWars will be using graphics acceleration very soonthis year, hopefully making the porting to Windows, Mac, and BeOS easier.This portion of the project has taken top priority, everyone’s encuragedto upgrade to the latest OpenGL available, check out You probably won’t need to just now but there’s no reason to put it off. ;)

New ETI ShipWars client project has started! To give Windows usersitchy to play in ShipWars universes comes SWTerm, a very portable textonly client but with most of XSW’s features. This project is quicklynearly completion and will be out very soon. Announcement on this listwill be made when SWTerm becomes available.

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