Doom 3: BFG Edition Source Soon

October 20th, 2012 by Crusader

Doth sayeth JC:

Got approval for GPL release of Doom 3 BFG code (minus third party bits)! @idBrianHarris has already done most of the work.

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  1. Linux-SWAT Says:

    Hi !

    Is there any news for a Linux port ?

    And btw, what about Rage ?

  2. Sim Says:

    Is there any news for a Linux port ?
    And btw, what about Rage ?

    There will be no more linux releases by iD. It shouldn’t take long to port Doom 3 BFG to linux once the source is released. Rage is another story though.

  3. rameth Says:

    Great, ive only seen this on crappy steam, guess this means ill be able to run it without the STEAM crap someday

  4. Cheeseness Says:

    I know that there are people preparing to port Doom 3 BFG to Linux. Flibitijibibo has been asking interested people to come forward and work together.

  5. dimko Says:

    DOOM is coming, but late, since its not ported yet.
    Don’t expect rage any time soon. Cormack said Linux didnt bring enough money to the table to make ports anymore.

  6. dimko Says:

    I am guessing we have a chance to see Rage when it will be open sourced.

  7. mauricioesilva Says:

    It looks like BFG Edition is just a packet including all games, new maps for Doom 3, and re-mastered content for XBOX and PS3. If they are using the same engine there will be no need to port it to Linux.

    When Doom 3 was released i got the Steam version, added the Linux engine and make a manual install. ID Games are not dificult to install.

    Steam may not be great but it’s the only way to get games for some people south ecuator line.

  8. Cheeseness Says:

    During the Quakecon streams, I believe Camack said that Doom 3 BFG Edition was using a bunch of idTech5 stuff that had been ported back to the idTech4 codebase (there’s there’s a little of Rage hiding in there). He also said that in retrospect, they would have been better off porting the Doom 3 game logic to idTech5, so I get the impression that there was enough work involved that there will probably be some effort involved in getting the codebase up and happy on Linux.

    I live in the southern hemisphere and physical copies of games aren’t hard to come by, but sadly, I couldn’t find a boxed copy of Doom 3 anywhere locally by the time it was open sourced and had to pick it up on Steam (Doom itself isn’t very interesting to me personally, but I like to support people who make source available).

  9. King_DuckZ Says:

    Very interesting! Anybody knows what to do if I want to participate to the port?

  10. flibitijibibo Says:

    I’ll be hanging out in #steamlug on Freenode. Conveniently, everyone else I’ve found that wants to look at BFG is there as well, so it looks like that’ll be the place to organize things.

    For now it’s kind of inert as I’m still finishing up Vessel (and some other games that got put on the backburner), but if there’s something you’d like to poke at specifically when the BFG source is out, let me know there or via the Twitters (@flibitijibibo).

    I assume id will publish the source via their GitHub account, so I’ll fork it from a GitHub organization (no name for the project yet, I usually just go with flibitDoom3BFG, but that doesn’t work here) and we can all work from that repo.

    The best thing we can do now is research BFG from the outside and study the currently available Doom 3 source ports (dhewm3 is what I’m looking at, I’d recommend you do the same) to use as a reference when porting it back to SDL.

    The only thing that’s really “assigned” at the moment is audio, which I’m taking. I’ll be porting the XAudio2 audio back to OpenAL, since that’s where my expertise is (and it should be trivial enough to where I can keep working on my commercial ports, haw haw). What you decide to work on is up to you, though if there’s something you’re particularly good at it would be much appreciated. Right now I’m kind of approaching this port as a game-jam-type-thing that can be done in a short span of time.

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