Nikki 1.0 + Story Episodes

October 16th, 2012 by Iwan Gabovitch

Joyride Labs announced the release of “Nikki and the Robots Story Episodes”.

Nikki and the Robots Story Episode 1 screenshots

Nikki and the Robots Story Episode 1 screenshots (more)

Join Nikki on a secret mission to fight the evil Dr. Lacroix. Test your skills in stunning platformer action and exciting puzzles — with the help of a variety of futuristic robots.

You can get the free part of the game (version 1.0) from the download page. For purchasing the Story Episodes visit:

For a limited amount of time the price for the Story Episodes will be pay what you want.

Video: Nikki and the Robots Release Trailer (Story Episode 1)

Joyride Labs prepared a press kit. (Thanks to Rami for presskit()!) Also available in German language.

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