‘Tiny Cthulhu’ – The 3D Platform Game Which-Should-Not-Be…

June 5th, 2012 by Theory32

Ben Crispin wrote in to let us know about Tiny Cthulhu (dev blog), a 3D platforming game which SHOULD NOT BE!!

A teacher at the notoriously underfunded Miskatonic University Daycare Centre sends her charges off to sleep with a story from the Necronomicon
(it was the only book she could find in the library that had pictures…) Through her not-quite-carefully-edited-enough account, we follow the dread
Tiny Cthulhu on his travels through mind-blasting vortexes of madness and adorableness on his way to rain inevitable and cuddly doom on a blissfully
unsuspecting humanity.

…Sleep well, kids…*

Are you personally offended by the astonishing lack of 3D Platforming titles for PC/Mac/Linux?
Do you further feel that there’s simply not enough Eldritch Abomination in your life?

Well, in that incredibly unlikely case, you’ll probably be overjoyed to hear that THEORY32 has just launched an Indiegogo fundraiser for Tiny
Cthulhu – its an upcoming game of adorable Lovecraftian mega-horror.

Donation perks include having your house made into a stomp-able model and placed in Cthulhu’s path during the ‘Modern Earth’-set finale, having a
picture of your face appear in the ‘Lost and Hidden Shrine to Those Horrors That It Is Better To Die Than To Glimpse… Even For A Second…’ easter
egg, and providing screams and/or last words for the destruction of a building.

2 Responses to “‘Tiny Cthulhu’ – The 3D Platform Game Which-Should-Not-Be…”

  1. dimko Says:

    I don’t know man, you really have to take drugs to play it.

  2. King_DuckZ Says:

    Did it pass the epilepsy tests?

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