Q3 Point Release Update

January 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Loki Entertainment Software’s Bernd Kreimeier wrote in to the Linux Q3A newsgroup to comment on the .plan update id’s Robert Duffy made this evening concerning the upcoming point release (thanks Steven Pinkham):

Robert Duffy @ id:

The point release is still in progress. We are addressing several things, among them auto downloading, mod support, cheating, and a few other things. It is moving into testing now and should be done “soon”.

One area that we are working hard to improve on is releasing things for all three platforms at the same time. As we have still not released the final point releases for the Macintosh or Linux based systems, the new point release will be available in all three flavors at the same time.

b @ Loki:

We have not received anything for testing yet.
We have no ETA yet.
We do not yet know which problems have been addressed.

The next Win32 point release is supposed to work with Linux CD’s.We have not yet received a Win32 binary to test this.

Further information as it finds its way to us.

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