Cheese Talks About Humble Bundle Statistics!

April 21st, 2012 by Crusader

Here’s the word from Cheese!

Last month, I published a lengthy shallow analysis of the comparative purchase, revenue and average statistics for Humble Bundle promotions. I recently updated the article to include additional quotes from a top Humble Bundle contributor and explore some additional figures as well as the notion that the high Linux average may not be indicative of Linux users paying high amounts (exciting stuff!).

If you’re not into reading what I have to say, the article is also sprinkled with quotes from Humble Bundle contributors including Notch (Minecraft developer), Garry Newman (Garry’s Mod developer), TPJeff (of Team Phobic), ExpiredPopsicle (of Cryptic Studios), NimbleDave (of NimbleBit), Mt.Gox (a Bitcoin site whose CEO is excited about indie games), tantepose (a technology journalist with and humlebrony (a community of My Little Pony fans).


3 Responses to “Cheese Talks About Humble Bundle Statistics!”

  1. King_DuckZ Says:

    Very nice article, it really goes deep into the details!

  2. Cheeseness Says:

    Thanks ^_^

  3. runequester Says:

    Really enjoyed the analysis. Thanks

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