Linux-friendly Kickstarter Game Projects

April 15th, 2012 by Crusader

A reader (thanks coryholl!) sent in the following compiled list:

At present the following game projects promising Linux versions are seeking funding at Kickstarters:
The Banner Saga
Bump N Brawl
The Earth: Battle for Survival- A Game of strategy
Rebirth (?)
Shadowrun ReturnsNekro (?)
Wasteland 2

I know of the following funded projects which have promised Linux versions:
Double Fine Adventure
Proppa(プロッパ) (Linux version only available to backers?)
FTL: Faster Than Light

And the following game projects imply that a Linux version may be made in the future or added to the project should the project become sufficiently over funded:
BIONITE: Origins
Chuck’s Challenge 3D
The Dead Linger
fleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior
Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road: “A Year of Adventure”
Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!
Starlight Inception™
That’s Why You’re Not Ugly! – The Game

Any missing? And what do you think about this new trend?

edit: arvd also posted this list in our comment section; thanks!

5 Responses to “Linux-friendly Kickstarter Game Projects”

  1. gitas Says:

    Where is NEKRO?
    This game has confirmed Linux client, look awsemo and still needs support.

  2. King_DuckZ Says:

    I wondered the same!
    Indeed, it looks very nice, shame it’s getting such crap maney.
    I would like to help them, but what happens to my money if the funding fails?

  3. arvd Says:

    Kickstarter only charges you if the funding succeeds. So if they don’t reach their goal, you never get charged.

    By the way, these guys are super enthusiastic about Linux support:

  4. runequester Says:

    Nothing happens if the funding target isn’t reached, but nothing guarantees you’ll see anything for your money, even if it IS achieved. I’m very optimistic about this type of funding, but it is almost inevitable that there’ll be a problem sooner or later.

  5. King_DuckZ Says:

    Well I decided to back Nekro at last. I sure hope the project will be made, the video alone makes me drool on my keyboard :)

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