Anno 1602

January 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Tobias Bachmor sent in the following disappointing news regarding a Linux port of Anno 1602 (which will be released in the US as 1602 AD), a colonization strategy game that has sold remarkably well in Europe. Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software, the developers of Anno 1602, e-mailed Tobias this response (translation below):

doch Du bist der erste der nachfragt, leider muss ich Dir aber eine Absageerteilen. ANNO nach Linux zu portieren wäre an sich schon reizvoll,allerdings lohnt sich der Aufwand (noch) nicht.

English translation:

Actually you are the first to ask and I’m afraid I must say no. It would be tempting to port ANNO to Linux but (at the moment) it would not pay.

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  1. sebulba128 Says:

    Hello Crusader!!
    Anno 1602 is quite a fúnny game, it would be pay if you port it to Linux.
    I know many users who are want to play Anno at Linux

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