Linux vs. Windows Q3A Article

January 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Matt Matthews has produced a new Linux gaming article examining a routinely discussed facet of Linux evangelization: how well does a Linux game perform when compared with an identical title for Windows? Matt benchmarks Quake 3: Arena (with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 card) on both operating systems using several driver sets, including an XFree86 4.0 pre-release snapshot. Matt concludes:

The bad news is that in practical playing situations, the more polished Windows drivers provide the best performance for playing Quake 3 Arena. And if you want the very best performance, you should use the WickedGL drivers. But, as I see it, the good news is that at 800×600 and below, Linux isn’t that far behind. Assuming that the drivers can be optimized to increase the performance at 1024×768 and higher, Linux may eventually be competitive across the board. Certainly, Linux is far ahead of where it was just a year ago, both in performance and stability. So, as I normally play at 800×600 anyway, I’ll continue playing Q3A in Linux and forego booting into Windows every time I have the desire to frag someone.

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  1. Anubis Says:

    I have a K6-2 450Mhz running both win98 and RedHat6.1 with a Voodoo3 3000 and Quake3 runs and looks a hell lot better in Linux the it runs on Windows98. DonĀ“t ask me why. my win drivers are the last ones out by the day, and the Linux ones are the Glide2x & 3x drivers. The games settings are at maximuim detail at 800×600 in linux and run better than windows at lower details at 640×480. The only thing I hate is that the mouse moves uglyer because (I guess) I start the game with ./q3demo +set in_dgamouse 0 cause it wont start right otherwise.

  2. FORTYoz Says:

    Get XFree 3.3.6, use the XFree86 SVGA server, dga mouse should work then.. also i compile Mesa with -O6 -mpentiumpro and have export FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL=0 in my quake run script. I don’t know if its faster or the same as windows but without hacking my config .. its still not 60fps in “normal” settings in quake3, i don’t like playing with less then 60fps.. so i use .. gets me about 75fps.. screw with com_maxfps if your playing online else you’ll be lagged.

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