Xmame 0.36b15.2

January 30th, 2000 by Crusader

Hans de Goede has announced Xmame version 0.36b15.2. Changes in this release of the multi-arcade machine emulator:

  • Fixed the X11 target when compiled with XIL but without MITSHM.
  • Fixed compiling on machines without DGA.
  • Added -version / -V to show the version, mainly for frontends.
  • Fixed -listclones.
  • Now accepts both -option and –option.
  • -showconfig no longer tries to print string options which are NULL.
  • Updated german readme.
  • Renamed signal to sound_signal in src/sndhrdw/geebee.c.

Xmame 0.36b15.2 Source:

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