Halo Port?

January 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Jacob Kolding sent in the following response from Bungie Software regarding a Linux port of Halo, their upcoming sci-fi third-person team action game:

At this point I honestly can’t say yet. We are looking at Linux as a viable platform but havn’t at this moment decided on what type of ports we are going to do if any.

Allen Turner
Bungie Software
Technical Support

Bungie’s Myth 2 was ported to Linux by Loki Entertainment Software; Halo is currently being developed for MacOS and Win32.

2 Responses to “Halo Port?”

  1. msimms Says:


    As an open reply to this, I can state that Tux Games will commit to assisting in the distribution of this game if it is ported to Linux.


    M Simms
    CEO Tux Games

  2. roystgnr Says:

    I wouldn’t sell my soul to Satan for a Linux Halo port, but I’d be willing to put up with a short-term lease…

    But honestly, how do you convince a company to port a game like Halo? Point to the posts by Unreal Tournament developers indicating that the Linux port saved them major work for upcoming console ports? The extra sales that games like CivCTP and Myth 2 got to Linux users might not be realized in the case of Halo; unlike the first two games I’ll be more than willing to reboot to Windows to play.

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