Humble Updates

December 17th, 2011 by Crusader

Ars Technica has taken a look at the latest Humble Indie Bundle, complete with quotes from the project’s volunteers:

One of the most exciting aspects of the bundles is that they mark the first time many of the games have been ported to platforms other than Windows, with each title offering full support for play on a Mac or on Linux. “The most ambitious aspect of a Humble Bundle is definitely the cross-platform porting,” Esguerra agreed. “Some developers are ready for it from day one, but usually a game is Windows-only and needs to get ported to Mac and Linux. Ryan Gordon and Edward Rudd have been instrumental in this, but a lot of developers will do ports internally as well.”

The Humble Bundles have done more for gaming on the Mac and Linux than maybe any other single thing in the past few years, as the team can go to developers who may be leery of cross-platform work and both provide talent to help with the porting and point to a proven business model so the developers understand that porting their game is a winning strategy.

Also, the current offering has been expanded to include the soundtracks from every title!

2 Responses to “Humble Updates”

  1. DAud_IcI Says:

    Yeah, especially this new one with all-newcomers. I don’t think we can expect anything like that in the close future, say until Steam will be ported to Linux. Not to mention, this will likely further the time, when that would happen.
    (If it ever does, but there are always rumours about it, and if there are enough native games on their library and there really will be a Linux Postal 3 (thus a Linux Source engine), as RWS claims, then it is inevitable)

  2. Protektor Says:

    You should try Desura. They already have a Linux client and 70+ games in the Linux library.

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