Humble Indie Bundle 4

December 13th, 2011 by Crusader

As rumored, the next Humble Indie Bundle has appeared:

Like the video says, ALL of these titles are new to Linux as of this bundle:

Very exciting; donate to charity, play the games! You know the drill by now.

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  1. berarma Says:

    Linux is falling behind even with a higher donation average and the fact that all games make their debut for this platform. I have bought them already but haven’t had the chance to play them. This seems a great bundle especially for Linux users.

  2. runequester Says:

    Apparently people were having some technical issues, but this bundle is extremely full of great games. I’m sure the trouble will get sorted out.

  3. image28 Says:

    Was trying to get our game Silverspeed finished in time for this bundle, but there is still a bit of polishing to do and a few bugs to fix. Tried submitting a post to linux games, but it keeps getting rejected, not quite sure how I’m ment to embed a youtube video into a linuxgames submission. Anyway here is the link to the new youtube video and you can download the demo for windows and linux at , will be release another demo update in a few days with some improvements and a fix so it runs on older computers and laptops.

    Everybody watch the youtube video please, need to get those hits up if we want to get into the next humble bundle, and I need people to test the linux demo so far it has only been tested on one computer, I know there is a bug in screen mode switching, might be an ati driver bug or a unity bug, so if somebody could test it with a nvidia card using something other than unity it would be a big help.

  4. King_DuckZ Says:

    No offense, but I think you need better graphics. Also, mybe I can help you in debugging and some small improvements if it’s not too urgent. Just let me know, you can find me on jabber as

  5. nihil Says:

    I don’t know, someone told me there will be already a SHMUP in next HIB… Xsoldier

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