XShipWars 1.33a

January 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Taura wrote in to announce the release of XShipWars version 1.33a. Changes in this release of the open-source space strategy game include:

  • This is the first in a series of (very stable) betas that holds off at the 1.33 revision. This is primarly due to the intigrating of OpenGL code into XShipWars. There are also other fixes in this version:
  • Added `changing of vessels’ purchasing in the economy system, this allows you to `buy a new ship’. This replaces your old vessel with a new one with new values. Scores and similar stats are still kept the same. Thanks to Stein for this new feature.
  • Added `one try’ emergency save and notifies on XSW and SWServ on SIGSGEV. This protects against the server going out of control on a very bad segmentation fault.
  • Tidied up economy, keyboard mapping, and joystick mapping windows code.
  • Seprated universe object management and local program database of objects management modules.

XShipWars 1.33a Download:

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