Dark Mod 1.07

December 10th, 2011 by Crusader

Version 1.07 of The Dark Mod, which brings the gameplay of the Thief series to Doom 3, was released. Changes include international localization, vine arrows, improved combat, unlockable mines, and improved textures and AI. It’s also noted that while this is still a mod that requires the retail version of Doom 3, changes are afoot:

This release does not include a new Doom 3 executable nor any improvements from the GPL release of the Doom 3 source code. You must install TDM in the same manner as with previous versions. The Dark Mod team will begin the process of integrating the Doom 3 source code shortly but it will take time to fully merge the code bases. The Dark Mod can not be a standalone release until all the Doom 3 art assets and animations have been fully replaced. If you wish to help with that effort, please visit The Dark Mod forums and post in the “I Want to Help” sub-forum.

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