Dead Cyborg Episode 1

August 23rd, 2011 by Crusader

As promised, a native Linux version of Dead Cyborg, a donation-based hard science-fiction (as in more grounded science, not difficulty) adventure game, has been released.

The game can be downloaded here; it’s noted there’s a readme included that should, nay, must be read.

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  1. buggerall Says:

    Well, having downloaded the .blend from the website(the one being offered up for the browser plugin) a few weeks ago and tried it out in blender, noticed that mouselook wasn’t an option and given up, i was hoping that a final release would add such an obvious control mechanism, but sadly the only change is that the audio doesn’t work(on my pulse-free ubuntu) with the standalone’s blender player(be warned, if you do play the .blend with straight blender the game offers no obvious way of quitting, as the suggested alt+f4 doesn’t work). I would like to play this but i’m not about to fumble around the game world using both WASD and the cursor keys, is mouselook not intended to be an option or is it just broken for me at the moment?

  2. albatros Says:

    From the FAQ:

    -Why no mouse control?
    -This is a low paced adventure game without action. You will be OK with the keyboard control.
    (Note1: you can try a gamepad, just map the keys to the gamepad buttons… I think this is possible.)
    (Note2: There was mouse control in the game but I removed it. Sorry, this game is not for action fans. This is a filter…)

    So, this is not linux specific, this is how the game is made.

  3. buggerall Says:

    Thanks, i could have sworn i searched for mouse in the FAQ, ho hum.
    “There was mouse control in the game but I removed it. Sorry, this game is not for action fans. This is a filter…”
    what a curious and horrible decision, he wanted the game to feel intentionally clumsy, to make it more immersively robotic? bleh.

  4. frobozz_inc Says:

    Sci-fi adventure games rank pretty high in my favorite genre list, so I’ll definitely be checking this out over the weekend. I understand it is not a fps but immersion is hindered rather than helped by a cumbersome interface. Hopefully this design decision has the intended effect and doesn’t make the game too clumsy to enjoy.

  5. torturedutopian Says:

    I should “file a bug report”. The game works very well, but it’s difficult to play with an AZERTY keyboard as you cannot remap keys, it seems :)

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