Savage 2 Update

August 8th, 2011 by Crusader

S2 Games, developers of Heroes of Newerth, sent out a general update about Savage 2, their previous game set in the same universe as HoN:

Dear Savagers,

I want to inform you about some changes at Savage2 which you might have missed when you didn’t play or visit the forums for a long time.


First and foremost:
1.) We got some servers back for important regions.

- Internode for the oceanic area
– Reaper ZA for the south african region
– an unofficial brazilian server which I hope to get official soon.

Those areas were not covered for a very long time so there might be a chance that you paused Savage2 for that reason.

If you did – then its time to come back home again! Tell all your friends that you know that there is official server support again for your area and start to build up your localized Savage2 community again.

2.) started back in May 2011 and has developed into an important part for the Savage2-family.
It features:

- A unique ladder system
– Replay downloader
– A server browser

You can socialize similar to facebook and share your stories, fotos, videos about Savage2 and you can organize Savage2-related events that ppl can participate in.

If you didn’t visit that page yet – make sure to do so.

3.) The popular “S2uesday” organized by Ikearumba started to host multiple events during the past weeks. There already was a legion- and beast-only tournament and Savage-Survival event (similar to Left4Dead) and there will be many more and different events in the weeks to come.

Make sure to visit the forums and to get an overview what is pending.

4.) Our Facebook page not has more than 5200 fans. So if you use Facebook feel free to join us and share with your friends:

Savage2 is still up and running, and with your help and participation we will keep on going.

See you on the battlefield!

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  1. icaruslnx Says:

    But have they fixed the auto update issue where it gets stuck in an update loop? Sure you can hack the update file and disable auto updates but this isn’t something a “normal” user will know how to find without scrounging the forums for monkey instructions.

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