SL Pet Food

August 4th, 2011 by Crusader

It’s not strictly speaking a game, and it’s been a while since we’ve even mentioned it, but this story about goings-on in Second Life is so strange I have to point it out (and it reminds me of Ted Chiang’s The Lifecycle of Software Objects, so bonus!):

Meeroos, SL’s extremely popular species of virtual, breedable animals created by Malevay Studios, are currently starving. Yesterday,¬†reports Malevay’s Catherine Farspire, unidentified griefers using variations of the avatar name “Meeroos Resident” (the company’s official account) were found selling unauthorized Meeroos food in the region of Twas. (The miscreants, says Ms. Farspire, “built their own [store] in the sky selling fraudulent food”.)

Does anyone reading play/venture into Second Life? What’s it like these days?

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  1. xteraco Says:

    I log on to SL just about every day, and I’ve been a regular user since 2006. I’m the new owner of the Need 4 Speed car company in world (look us up). There are fewer people than I can ever remember, but Linden Labs is still making progress with the server. They have ruined the client though. Viewer 2.0 is complete garbage. If you want a good SL experience go for Imprudence viewer (based on 1.xx code). Hmm what else. Depending on when you last looked at it, now there are Sculpties, which extend building possibilities beyond the basic primitives we were limited to before. Coming some time near the end of Aug we’re going to see Mesh which will expand on the abilities that sculpts give. There are new changes coming for the LSL scripting language too which is exciting. The Havok physics engine is being updated near the end of Aug which will make my cars more popular (hopefully).

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